Office – Dilkon, AZ

1/4 Mile of N. Dilkon Chapter
HC 63 Box 6163
Winslow, AZ 86047

Phone: (928) 657-3337
Fax: (928) 657-3339

Office Coordinator: Carol Paddock

Field Coordinator: James Paddock

Receptionist: Jodi Paddock

Dilkon, Arizona – the name of the town is derived from the Navajo phrase “smooth black rock” TsézhinDilkǫǫh. Dilkon is located on the Navajo Nation Reservation surrounded by buttes and plateaus. The Dilkon Office just celebrated their 7th Anniversary this February. The office provides services to nine communities in the surrounding areas on the Navajo Reservation and six communities on the neighboring Hopi Reservation. Carol and James have collaborated with the National Relief Charities Foundation to provide gifts and personal needs baskets to all the clients on a monthly basis. We are extremely fortunate to have James and Carol as team members, who contributes so much to the agency and the good of the community.

Carol Paddock

Office Coordinator

My name is Carol, and I have worked for SEHC since Feb. of 2010 as Office Coordinator in Dilkon. I am from the Navajo tribe and from the Salt clan, born for the Bitterwater clan. I have lived in Dilkon all my life. My work with SEHC has been very gratifying. Helping our community through our church and employment has enriched our lives immensely. Through our community involvement we have seen the disparities and care giving needs among our people. Being aware of the need helps to keep in mind why we enjoy our work in our role in “Honoring Those We Serve.”

James Paddock

Field Coordinator

My name is James, and I have worked for SEHC since Feb. of 2010 as Field Coordinator in Dilkon. I am Navajo and from the Zuni Edgewater clan, born for the Tangle clan. I lived on and off the reservation throughout my life. Most my life I spent pastoring for our church and worked as a Navajo Nation Police Officer. Through my community involvement, I am very aware of the needs of our elders and disabled regarding health and home care. Today I continue being involved with helping my community with food and necessity boxes to families in need. I love my work and being involved in “Honoring Those We Serve”.

Jodi Paddock


My name is Jodi and I’m from Dilkon, Arizona. I am the office assistant at the Dilkon office. I’ve been with Soaring Eagles Home Care since April 2017. Working for this company, in a community with little resources, has been challenging at times. But overall I really enjoy the relationships we here at the Dilkon office have built with our clients and PCAs. I love that this job has exposed me to my native language more than ever, and I’m excited that I am starting to understand it! Aside from SEHC, I am a football/baseball mom of one and a student.
-Jodi Paddock, Dilkon SEHC