Office – Kayenta

Kayenta Business Center, KBC Mesa View Dr. Suite 205,
Kayenta, AZ 86033

Phone: 928-697-2555
Fax: 928-697-2556

Office Coordinator: Elveda White

Receptionist: Greta Salt

Elveda White

Office Coordinator

Ya’at’eeh (hello), my name is Elveda White. I am Kinyaa’aanii (Towering House clan), born for To’ahani (Near the water clan). I am originally from a community in New Mexico called Baahaali (Breadsprings). I currently live southeast of Kayenta in a community called Tsiilchin Bii’ To (Chilchinbeto). I have a six-year-old son who looks up to me as his role model. I enjoy working with Soaring Eagles Home Care (SEHC). The hours here at SEHC work well with my son’s schedule as well as mine. I started in February 2014 as a receptionist working part-time. Later that year my proficiency was needed full-time, promoting me to Office Coordinator working with my dearest clients and PCAs within in the surrounding communities. SEHC clients greatly appreciate our monthly visits as well as our PCAs. They feel blessed knowing we are making a difference by looking after their well-being.

Greta Salt


Ya’at’eeh, hello my name is Greta Salt, my clan is Lok’aa’dine e’ (Reed People), born for Todich’ii’ nii (Bitter Water). Kayenta is my home town since I was born. I have two girls and one boy, they are all on their own, and I have eight grandkids–seven girls and one boy. I have five sisters and four brothers; my two older brothers are with the Lord in Heaven along with my parents. My mother was a client under our Phoenix Office, my brother and his wife were care givers until my mom got home sick and came home in June of 2011. So, I chose to care for my mother because she meant a lot to me and wanted to return the care she had done for us when we were growing up.

I started with SEHC on June 6, 2011 as a PCA. In May of 2015, I started working part time at the Office as receptionist, while my nephew took care of his grandma. I commend him for a great job he did. On December of 2016, I lost my mom. I started full time at the Kayenta Office on July 30, 2017. I also go out and do marketing and promotions for SEHC, signing up clients for services and traveling to surrounding communities. I have been with SEHC seven years and four months. Here at Kayenta Office we are trying our best to keep our clients and PCAs happy. I really enjoy working with Soaring Eagles Home Care, especially with our clients and PCAs. Keeping our Mission and Vision strong, we are “Honoring Those We Serve.”

Aheehee’ Thank you.