Office – Phoenix, AZ

3208 N. 16th Street
Phoenix, AZ, 85016

Phone:  (602) 274-7030
Fax: (602) 264-8535

Arizona State Regional Manager/Office Coordinator: Lorita George

Field Coordinator: Allison Pullman

Office Coordinator: Rosita George

Receptionist: Linda Morningstar

Phoenix Office was established in the late summer of 2008, operations started from the 5th floor of the Native American Indian Connections Building on 4140 N. Central. The office comprised of 2-3 personnel, and 1 client which gradually grew by year’s end. Soaring Eagles Office moved a couple times until the Office settled in Phoenix Metro area in the fall of 2015. Clientele in Phoenix will continue to grow and expand among Native American Indian populations and in surrounding communities of Phoenix.

Lorita George

Regional Manager / Office Coordinator

Hello, my name is Lorita George and I am the Regional Manager for Arizona. I started off as the Phoenix Corporate Office Coordinator and continue to manage our Phoenix office. I am Kiyaa’aanii (Towering House) clan, and born for the Tabaaha (Water’s Edge) clan. My maternal grandparents are Todich’ii’nii (Bitter Water) clan, and my paternal grandparents are Tsenjikini (Honey Combed Rock People) clan.

I grew up on and off the reservation, attended schools on and off the reservation as well. My early years of growing up I attended a Boarding School where my grandmother Louise worked as a Dormitory Matron. I stayed with my grandmother who lived in an apartment that was adjacent to the dormitory. During my stay with my grandmother, often after school we took walks to visit her parents’ home about a mile away. I watched my grandmother clean, cook and feed her mother. So, at the age of 4, I was introduced to “Home Care” and becoming involved with caring for my elders.

Through my early school years onto High School, I interacted frequently with my grandparents and aging relatives. I also participated in volunteer work with our local Catholic Church. As volunteers, we visited nursing homes and group homes in nearby communities, our visits were strictly just that, 1:1 interactions with the elderlies and disabled. We played games, sang, talked, ate and bonded with them. Those memories of my rewarding experiences have been my inspiration to continue my education and work in the health & home care today.

My educational background and experience after High School was spent studying and working towards my goal to enter Medical School. My work experience has been in the Behavioral Health and General Healthcare for the past 27 years.

In 2012, my father appointed me to be his caregiver and POA after a serious injury from a fall. My life as it was then, was altered and I did what had to be done, “Honor my father”. As a caregiver for my own family member, I witnessed and experienced firsthand, the overlooked and neglected issues that face the elderlies and disabled within their home and daily living needs.Enrolling my father with Soaring Eagles Home Care allowed me to be a part of my father’s care daily, and serve as an advocate for him.

This is a small part of my story of who I am and how I came to be a part of Soaring Eagles and my role “Honoring Those We Serve”.

Allison Pullman

Field Coordinator

I am a Native Hawaiian, born and raised in Hawaii. I came to Phoenix about 20 years ago and took care of both of my grandparents at home until they passed. This is what started me on my path to care giving. After moving here, I worked almost 10 years in a psychiatric facility with the mentally ill. Then I worked at an adult day program for a while. But after all the years of the physical aspects of those types of jobs, I wanted to see the other side of how and what goes into making everything work. That is how I came to work for Soaring Eagles Home care. I love working for people and making sure they are getting the best care that they can possibly get. I know how I would’ve wanted my grandparents to be treated and respected in their senior years, not being able to care for themselves as they once did.

Rosita George

Office Coordinator

Rosita joined Soaring Eagles Home Care in 2013 as a caregiver in Phoenix. She is from the Navajo Tribe and well experienced in working with the disabled and elderly populations. Rosita grew up learning and practicing family and cultural values. Her ability to design and weave rugs demonstrate her creativity, discipline and organizational skills in the office today.

Rosita enjoys spending quality time with family on her spare time on and off the reservation. She enjoys keeping things simple and coordinated so she is focused on doing her job well and helping others feel comfortable and at ease.

Rosita’s professional conduct in interaction with staff and clients brings forth exhibition of care into her role at Soaring Eagles Home Care in “Honoring Those We Serve”.

Linda Morningstar


I was born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts. I also spent 21 years in the warmth of Florida’s Gulf Coast, four years in beautiful Colorado (though too cold for my taste), and now almost two years in Arizona’s East Valley. Care giving has been my dominant profession, either as an LPN or CNA, for the better part of 50 years. A broken hip in August 2018 sent me in another direction that led me to the Phoenix, AZ  Soaring Eagles office, where I now have the role of Receptionist.