Office – Shiprock, MN

101 AyannNeez Blvd
Shiprock NM, 87420

Phone: (505) 368-4683
Fax: (505) 368-5564

Office Coordinator: Pauline James | Email:

Field Coordinator: Lanette Price | Email:

Receptionist: Stephanie Peshlakai | Email:

Our Office is located on the Navajo Reservation in Shiprock, NM. We opened our office in, July 2011. At the beginning, there was only Stephanie and Pauline working/running the place for two years. Then in July 2013, we got our field coordinator Lanette. Our office is located just right off of highway 491. Shiprock is a place where they host the annual Northern Navajo Nation Fair the first week of October. The event includes a rodeo, Pow Wow Dancing, carnival, etc.

Pauline James

Office Coordinator

As an Office Coordinator: Pauline stays in the office most of the time and keep tracks of all the files on the consumers and PCAs.

Stephanie Peshlakai


Greeting from New Mexico – Chile Capital of the World “Would you like red or green?” My name is Stephanie Peshlakai, and I am the receptionist for the Shiprock Office. I have been working here for 7+ years. I do enjoy working for SEHC and I like the fact that I am part of a system that helps not only
our elders but also our clients with disabilities.

Lanette Price

Field Coordinator

Lanette does Monthly Home Visits at the Consumers place of Residence, to follow up if they are receiving their services, going to their Dr.’s visit and getting their medication. She also assists them to set up transportation if they need a ride to their appointments.

We all help each other/Encourage Team Work and get thing done in no time. We came a long way to help our Elders and our younger Clients that have disability. We are honoring our Dine people here on the Navajo Reservation and serve in San Juan County and Arizona Boarder. We assistance with their daily living activities to function every day to comforts them in their own home with PCA there to help them to make life a little erase. We love them dearly.