Office – Pine Ridge

Po Box 66, 101, 1st Street
Oglala, SD, 57764

Phone: (605) 867-1818
Fax: (605) 867-2218

Field Coordinator: Shirley Holy Rock

PCA Coordinator: Gaylin Holy Rock

Receptionist/Client Coordinator: Deborah Fast Wolf

Registered Nurse: Katherine Williams

Greetings from South Dakota Office, we are located in Oglala, South Dakota, which is on the west side of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation that has a land base of 100 miles by 100 miles, we are the second largest Indian reservation in the world. I am Shirley Holy Rock the SD Field Coordinator. We currently have 3 employees in our base office and numerous other employees (PCA’s) throughout the state. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Mrs. Pat Yager at our local store here in Oglala. Since then, she has been a blessing to a lot of people here in South Dakota. We have been in service since November 4. 2013. Throughout the past 3 years we have been able to reach out and help a lot of families keep their loved ones at home, which we are all very thankful for.

Gaylin Holy Rock

PCA Coordinator

My name is Gaylin Holy Rock, the PCA Coordinator, I have been working with the South Dakota office since December 1, 2014. I enjoy working and meeting new people weekly. The company is a big help to many of our Elders and has helped a lot of our young adults get started in the workforce, some for the first time in their life. Prior to this my field of work was working in a school setting with our youth: I still participate in the open gym nights playing basketball with our youth and enjoy playing in independent tournaments when possible.

Shirley Holy Rock

Field Coordinator

My name is Shirley Holy Rock. I am an Oglala Lakota Tribal Member. I was born and raised here on my homelands of the Pine Ridge Reservation. I have been married for 35 years to Gaylin Holy Rock, and we have four children and nine grandchildren. I grew up surrounded by my grandparents, and it was just second nature to take care and learn from them the ways of our Lakota People. I am very BLESSED to have crossed paths with our beloved founder and owner Patricia Yager here in Oglala, SD five years ago. She brought and left her HEART with our “Oglala Lakota” relatives. She gave our Elders and all our relatives involved peace of mind and hope and increased their quality of Life. I always say, “OUR ELDERS FOUGHT AND DEFENDED THEMSELVES ALL THEIR LIVES” for US. Now it is our turn to help and “HONOR AND SERVE” our relatives.

Deborah L. Fast Wolf


Hello my name is Deb Fast Wolf. I just started working here at the South Dakota Oglala Circle of Life office on November 15, 20018. My previous jobs I have worked as a clerk, secretary, administrative assistant and office manager for the local school, the Oglala Sioux Tribe Ambulance Service, and Clinical Labs. So I am well versed on the duties of my position here at the KOLA Circle of Life, and I believe a will be an asset to the office. I enjoy spending time with my family, reading supernatural novels, and playing bingo with my mother. I am very happy and grateful to be working with this organization that is helping the elderly people of our reservation.

Katherine L. Williams

Registered Nurse

My name is Katherine L. Williams. I was born and raised on the Rosebud Reservation. I attended the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, Sinte Gleska University in Mission, SD, and later graduated from Presentation College in Aberdeen with my nursing degree. In my nursing career, I have worked in many different capacities to include medical, surgical, pediatrics, geriatrics, home health, obstetrics, clinic and chemical dependency. I have worked in nursing over 25 years in four different states to include SD, OK, MN, NE. It was my goal when I began nursing to gather as many tools offered and eventually become part of an organization where I could promote wellness to the people of my home. I relocated to MN in 1996 after working 4 and 1/2 years at the Indian Health Service in Rosebud and one year in a small home health office in Mission. I was on a journey to promote more opportunities for myself and children. I began working in a clinic, home health, hospice, and then to a specialty care on an obstetrical and pediatric unit. I worked there until Dec. 2009.

With both my parents retired and three of my children mostly grown, I wanted to move closer to home, and thankfully I have been allowed to guide them through bouts of unpredictable illnesses. I was given the opportunity to work in trauma and emergency care for IHS again until 2011. Shortly thereafter, I worked as an RN case manager and then to Unit Supervisor for the Methamphetamine Rehab and Recovery Program in Rosebud, SD. until funding issues closed the program in August of 2015. Since then, I have been a staff nurse in Nebraska and South Dakota in 25+ bed facilities to include long term care nursing, each time moving yet closer to my parents to assist with health issues. Thankfully, both of my parents are well today, with minimal set backs regarding their health.

To my amazement, I learned about Circle of Life Home Care in June of 2018 after I’d been told  no home care programs existed. I searched for more information about this program, and it seemed to fit what I was looking for at this point in my career. This program was advertising for a nursing position, and I applied. I was hired in July of 2018 which brings me to the present. I am thankful for the opportunity to “Honor Those We Serve” and excited to be part of long-needed program in this area. I look forward to the future of learning and growing with this program. 

Pila Maye, -Katherine