The Eat Protein Lose Fat Diet Plan

Healthy Weight Loss and a Fast Metabolism

Eating System for Weight Loss

Step 2.  Buy the Book

Get started on your weight loss journey with the lose fat not muscle bloat free diet. This book will outline balanced meal plans based on your caloric needs.


But Don’t Go it Alone!

There are several options to help you succeed.

Step 3. Choose the Best Nutrition Support Option for You!

Three Nutrition Support Options to Fit Your Busy Lifestyle. Use the Lose Weight, Preserve Muscle Book to Learn How to Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet to Lose the Weight You Want and Increase Your Metabolism.

Got Questions Before You Start?

Why the Lose Weight Preserve Muscle Book ?

This book teaches you how to eat real food to preserve muscle while losing weight to optimize your metabolism which will help you maximize your fat burn. Weekly meal plans are provided so you know exactly what to eat every day and an exchange list is featured so you can substitute your favorite foods within the easy to follow system ! Up to 2 whole food high protein snack bars and shakes a day are recommended for convenience but are not necessary. This program will also help you increase your energy with a balanced macronutrient profile of 30 percent protein, 40 percent carbs and 30 percent fat. It also contains little saturated fat for optimal cholesterol, will help control your blood sugars, and is high in antioxidants and vitamins and minerals for cancer prevention.

Who is the Program for?

This program is for the average adult who wants to lose weight and get healthy and is also a good option for athletes and people with diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol who want to decrease or reverse these conditions. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free meal options are available. 9 meal plans are provided to fit all men and women wanting to maintain muscle while losing fat weight, maintain their weight while losing ,fat or gaining muscle weight .

Do I need Support ?

If you have a medical condition or want Accountability we recommend monthly nutrition support with our  dietitian nutritionist. If you do not want any support and can figure out your calorie plan you may only need to purchase the book. If want to converse with the dietitian nutritionist and others on the program in a group setting as well as view more sample meal plans we recommend the monthly online support option.

Is This the Right Program for Me?

This program is for 80 percent of our patients Who want to lose weight and get Fit! However if you do not think this is the best program for you contact us for an initial consult and our dietitian nutritionist may recommend one of our other 3 programs including ; a kids version of this book which features less protein and more kid friendly foods, an IBS no bloat guide and a fast weight loss program for people with over 50 pounds to lose. If you have other health concerns such as but not limited to food allergies, weight loss surgery, eating disorders, digestive issues other than IBS etc. we will recommend you meet with one of our dietitian nutritionists at one of our office locations or through telehealth at . All of our dietitians take all Major health insurances .

About Christine

Christine Haas M.S., L.D.N., C.N.S. has been a licensed nutritionist in Maryland and Washington DC certified through the American College of Nutrition for over 15 years. She is one of the most sought after nutritionists in the Washington DC Area, having established herself as an expert in the field as the owner of Washington Nutrition Group a 13 year old medical nutrition therapy and weight loss clinic with 4 office locations , 3 registered dietitians and 6 mental health therapists in the Washington DC area.

Christine is most recently the founder and creator of Stellar Labs™, a complete easy to digest nutrition product line featuring real food, easy to digest high protein nutrition bars, and shakes.

Christine is a member of the American Dietetic association and holds a number of fitness and nutrition certifications, including The Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management from the American Dietetic Association. Christine has also received a Masters of Science Degree in Health and Fitness Management from The American University in Washington D.C. and a Masters Degree in Nutrition Education from The University of Vermont.


Christine Has also worked as the nutritionist and a personal trainer at The Sports Club L.A. in Washington D.C., as an adjunct professor of nutrition at Montgomery College and as a nutritionist for Medifast at corporateheadquarters in Owings Mills, MD. Christine still continues to be a Medifast health coach with the Optivia™ product line and is a nutrition and fitness correspondent for Northern Virginia Magazine.

Christine Haas M.S., L.D.N., C.N.S.

Christine is most recently the founder and creator of Stellar Labs™, a complete on-line weight management system featuring real food nutrition bars, and shakes, products and books for patients with all medical conditions and lifestyles launching on March 2017. She is also the founder and creator of All Healthy Portions, a real food weight management system for patients of Washington Nutrition Group. Due to the success of this program, Christine is now helping dietitians, physicians, and other medical professionals implement this system into their practices.